Who we are

After many years traveling and living in different places in Italy and abroad, my husband wanted to return to his native region and own a place not too far from “his” sea, where we could spend time with family and friends.
Initially we bought a beautiful XVII c. palazzo in Giurdignano and renovated it completely. In doing so we discovered we liked having workers around all the time. When the first project was finished we immediately started working on a new one in Muro Leccese.  We thought we would never leave our palazzo in Giurdignano,  but then we fell in love with our project in Muro.
The idea was to renovate and merge two historic properties which had been lying abandoned in the center of Muro. Their gardens, though also abandoned for decades, were amazing, and we love gardens. We decided to create a place that would match our personality and – to the extent possible – not too conventional. The house would have to feel like a “masseria” with a lot of gardens and outdoor space but still be right in the center of town. Eventually we sold the house in Giurdignano to friends, and they are very happy.
Muro became a never ending project. It started small, but it keeps growing and it is not finished yet. Currently il palazzo is composed of two separate “masseria”, each with its own gardens and pool.  We are now working on the third one.  However, we use it as a single house when we are there. We like having our children around, together with our and their friends.  When we are not in Muro, we rent the houses together or separately, depending on the number of guests. Often we have large groups, but we are very selective.